Dear 911 Coordinators and 911 Professionals

It is our pleasure to invite you to join the Florida 911 Coordinators Association.

The Florida 911 Coordinators Association was officially established on November 28, 2017 and the first founding Board of Directors planning meeting was held on Friday, February 9, 2018 at the Brevard County 911 Administration Office.

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Initiatives for the upcoming year and beyond:

  • 911 fee increase
  • Appointment of 911 Coordinators to the E911 Board
    • All names submitted to the Florida Association of Counties as of June 5, 2019. Mission accomplished!

We look forward to working with Florida APCO and Florida NENA on topics of interest to make The State of FLORIDA the best of the best!

Meeting with State Representative Geraldine Thompson


With the help of Orange County 911 Coordinator Annette Rodgers, I was able to gain an audience with State Representative Geraldine Thompson who represents Orange County. In what seemed like a very quick 60 minutes, I talked to her about the need for an increase in the $0.40 911 fee. With the help of a PowerPoint presentation, I felt I presented a good argument. She and her assistant had some very good questions and each of their questions was answered within the presentation.

At the conclusion, I discovered and did not previously know this, but apparently each State Representative is limited to the number of bills they can present, and I think that number is six. I am not speaking in exact terms here so don't quote me. Representative Thompson assistant advised they already have five and there were seven more on the list to be reviewed. I did share that my intent was to bring back draft revisions to 365.172 and 173 FS and was hoping to acquire the assistance of a consultant to help with that. It is already too late in the upcoming legislative session to pursue this issue but the message about the need to increase the 911 fee needs continue to be heard. I asked Representative Thompson if it is best to present the issue of increasing the 911 fee along with draft statute language and she responded in the affirmative.

Hopefully the membership agrees to hire a consultant to revise the statutes governing 911 fees and then locate a member of the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate to move the issue forward.

A. Keith Godwin, CPM, ENP
President, Florida 911 Coordinators Association, Inc

Vendor Spotlight

DATAMARK, the public safety GIS team of Michael Baker International, is the go-to authority on GIS data for NG9-1-1. Its data-forward, full-service, configurable NG9-1-1 solutions provide the highest levels of public safety GIS data completeness and accuracy. DATAMARK products and services are designed to ensure easy and dependable access to mission-critical information in life-critical situations, simplifying the transition to NG9-1-1 for addressing authorities, GIS data providers and 9-1-1 authorities. Because its solutions work with existing public safety systems, they require no additional investment in hardware or software. DATAMARK provides educational workshops to empower GIS and 9-1-1 personnel with knowledge on how these fields work together in Next Generation 9-1-1 systems. The curriculum was designed to meet NENA standards and best practices. Visit and follow DATAMARK on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more.

In 2020, DATAMARK and FL NENA will be partnering to conduct statewide education on Next Generation 9-1-1. Two workshops are being funded by the Florida E911 Board and will be provided at no cost to attendees. Both workshops are recommended for state and local 9-1-1 program managers, GIS managers, public safety technologists, elected officials and local addressing authorities who assign addresses, maintain GIS data for 9-1-1 and maintain MSAG or ALI for PSAP’s.

  • Beyond the 98% - While portions of the NG9-1-1 environment have yet to be developed, GIS has already been defined as an elemental component, and will take on a critical role in pre-call delivery through NG9-1-1 call routing. Beyond the 98% introduces the standards, best practices, and workflows required to ensure GIS data readiness and accuracy for NG9-1-1.
  • Don’t Run with Scissors – Builds on the knowledge gained during the Beyond the 98 workshop to demonstrate the core functions and implications of GIS in NG9-1-1. Attendees will discuss the processes, functions, and workflow of NG9-1-1 systems while gaining an intermediate understanding of GIS. Furthermore, learn how Next Generation Core Services is affected by GIS and GIS data assurance and completeness for data stewardship to meet the minimum applicable standards and best practices.

We hope to see you at the upcoming workshops!

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